Leader in Precision Mechanics for forty years

M.R. srl was founded in 1979 in Gorizia: its purpose was to assert itself as a subcontracting company in the precision mechanics field, providing particular and customized products - based on customer designs - using materials ranging from stainless steel to copper, from aluminium to special steels for dies. The company is based in Gorizia, in Sant’ Andrea Industrial Area, where it has a shed with a production area, warehouse, technical and administrative offices and a local unit used for grinding, packaging and shipping of products.
The company reached forty years of experience in precision mechanical machining, and has acquired a wealth of extreme efficiency and competence: the main goal is always continuous improvement and achieving maximum results in the widest fields of application.
M.R. srl has, over the years, implemented an investment policy that gives special care to human resources, forming a trained and competent team, always updated with professional courses, in order to guarantee continuous enrichment and an attitude of interest and involvement in the company activities. The adhesion - in 2004 - to the ISO 9001 Quality System (and subsequent evolutions) was the natural complement to the corporate intentions of rigorous adherence to the principles of customer satisfaction.
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