mechanical production

Our productions include all kinds of turned, milled and grounded from small to medium size pieces in many different raw material: alluminium, copper, inox and special steels. Specifically in automotive industry field we boast over twenty years experience in manufacturing equipment for molding valves and related tools.

Our production, because of the peculiarity of precision parts that we are able to produce, spaces in different markets for which we boast a customer base ranging from the automotive sector to textile machines, paper and packaging branches.

On request we are able to provide full details of surface heat treatment (hardening, nitriding, carburizing, nitro fuel, annealing, oxidation, micro and special coatings).

The know-how gained over many years of experience, combined with the peculiarity of being able to provide maximum support to our customers in the detailed study of a product, is a strength of the MR we strive daily to maintain the highest levels of efficiency, ensuring consistent adherence to high quality standards set by our Quality System.