company profile

M.R. srl was founded in 1979 in Gorizia, and from the beginning the aim is to established itself in the field of precision mechanics, providing special products by customer drawings, using materials ranging from inox to copper, from alluminium to special steels for molds. We work both in full supply way (all inclusive) than with raw material from customer.

The company is based in the industrial area in Gorizia (Italy) where are located the production hall and the technical and administrative offices, we also have a branch for grinding operations.

The company now has thirdy years experience in precision machining with a significant background of efficiency and competence: but our goal is always to improve in achieving maximum results in the field of precision engineering applications.

MR srl has, over the years, implemented a policy of investment is particularly sensitive to human resources, creating a skilled and competent team which is constantly updated with professional courses in order to ensure a constant evolution and an attitude of interest and involvement in various business activities.