Mechanical Production

Our manufactures range includes all types of small and medium-sized turned, milled and ground parts in different materials: aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, ferrous and stainless steels, special steels and plastics. Particularly in the automotive sector, we boast thirty years of experience in the production of valves molding equipment and related tools.
Our processing, due to the peculiarity of the precision parts that we supply, finds application in various markets, for which we boast a customer base that ranges from the automotive sector, to the field of machinery for the textile industry, paper and wrapping and packaging, up to the medical sector.
Upon request, we are able to offer complete grinded parts (both internal and external) and with different types of heat treatments.
The know-how gained over many years of experience, combined with the maximum support we give to our customers in the design of a detailed product, is a strength of M.R. srl, a focus that we pursue every day to maintain the highest levels of efficiency, ensuring constant compliance with the high quality standards established by our Quality System.

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